Retail Display Enhancers

02.22.2021 |

It’s hard to imagine any business flourishing during an ongoing global pandemic. When the pandemic hit, the economy experienced unforeseeable struggles. As most industries scaled back and went into preservation mode, the beverage industry ramped up both production & distribution as people were stuck at home, alcohol consumption soared to new heights. 

While it’s great news for the industry as a whole, it created increased competition. Now more than ever, it’s never been more challenging to gain brand exposure and a foothold in such a cluttered marketplace, and there are a few reasons for these challenges. 

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First and foremost, consumers are being careful at retail in the sense that they may only take one trip a week to their local grocer or liquor store compared to making a few quick trips before the reality of Covid set in. This becomes a challenge in the sense that consumers are getting less exposure to the brands on the shelves. Additionally, consumers have become more calculated in their shopping & spending and it’s more common that they come prepared with a specific list in mind to expedite their shopping process to limit potential exposure at retail. 

What’s the solution to fewer & faster trips at retail? Display enhancers. When consumers stroll the isles of retail, they’re approaching their shopping experience with really one of two behaviors. 

  1. Consumers know what they want to drink and they’ll seek it out without outside consideration.
  2. Consumers are looking for something new and have an open mind to your product if it catches their attention.

The ideal is that you’re already the preferred brand and you’ve made your way onto the shopping list of your consumers. If that’s the case, great! But you still need to fend off the competition and cement your brand in their minds as being a mainstay on their shopping list. 

If your situation is the latter, it’s that much more important to command the attention of undecided shoppers with appealing displays. Going beyond the corrugated setups and creating brand experiences that resonate with your audience is key.

Anyone can do a cardboard cutout, but what about a tailgating tent with a cornhole board underneath with your drinks being stored in a branded Yeti cooler? Or maybe you have a shuffleboard table with your product on either end of the table encouraging participation (Sanitizer provided of course). 

The idea is to go beyond the manilla of retail displays and creating a brand experience for your existing and prospective consumers is the way to do so. When you’re able to, not only are you attracting their attention but you’re building your brand in their minds and as a result, you're building loyalty. 

It’s about being creative and being different than your competitors because really, the sky is the limit when it comes to retail displays. With proper planning, essentially any display enhancer can be developed and drop-shipped directly to retail, it’s just a matter of meeting in-hand dates. 

As we being to emerge from the pandemic in the coming months with summer approaching, more and more time will be spent at retail. As demand increases, the clutter of retail will follow. So, what are you doing to make your brand stand out in a retail setting? Consider how branded products can elevate your in-store presence to drive business and increase your foothold in the marketplace.