Holiday Shipping Delays

11.06.2020 | News, Holiday

The holidays are going to look a bit different this year. As we navigate our first socially distanced holiday season, experts expect that holiday shopping is going to be completed almost entirely online in order to avoid close contact as we continue navigating life with Covid. Black Friday will get a pass and Cyber Monday will turn into Monday mayhem!

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While online orders continue ramping up to numbers that we’ve never seen before, primary postal carriers such as UPS, FedEx & USPS will be stretched thin. You’re probably used to holiday shipping delays, but not like what we’re going to endure in the coming months. 

According to FedEx Chief Marketing Officer Brie Carere, "The spread of Covid-19 in the US has triggered such an increase in e-commerce since March that shipping volumes have consistently been at Christmas peak or Cyber Monday levels every day. Now we're headed into a peak on top of a peak. We expect there will be limits to capacity on certain days this season."

With peak shipping woes on the horizon, how are you going to ensure that your holiday gifts & routine items alike arrive on time? Planning, planning, oh, and did I mention planning?

By being mindful of the upcoming challenges and strategizing, you’ll be able to get a leg up on the looming shipping headaches. If you’re ordering holiday gifts, now is the time to do so. Because really, what’s worse than a Christmas present in January?

Avoiding the primary shipping chaos will be critical, so lets lay it out. Earlier is always better, but if you can’t place your orders immediately, lets cover the shipping window(s) to avoid. Cyber Monday falls on November 30th,, avoid that week in its entirety if you can. Beyond that, shipping demands will only grow as we close in on the holidays. 

The difference this year than in years prior is the backlog. Typically, you could push packages through by choosing expedited shipping options. This year, it won’t make much difference, the backlog will be so dense that you won’t receive that costly but effective get out of jail free card. Simply put, the packages won’t arrive as scheduled, period.

The window to avoid shipping woes is closing fast. The advice? Plan now, order now. From corporate holiday gifts to sending grandma her annual holiday card, sooner is always better, but in 2020 it’s essential.