Top Promo Item Ideas for Your Next Golf Outing

02.09.2022 | 2022



A common game to play while networking, golf is also known for helping companies form connections, bringing people together, and closing important deals. Golf outings are also a fantastic way to hold a charity event to raise money for an important cause. This type of event draws everyone from golf enthusiasts to amateur players to partake in. According to an article written by Forbes, 90% of Fortune 500 Company CEOs play golf, and 80% of all executives say, “Golf has the power to establish new relationships.” Not only do you acquire a professional relationship, but you also make a friend that can last a lifetime. More than 24.8 million people played golf in the U.S. in 2020, up more than 2% year-over-year and the largest net increase in 17 years and the numbers just keep growing in 2022!

With the right promo items, it makes your guests feel appreciated, make them enjoy your golf event even more, and promote your company to a wider audience. While the options are endless, here are some top promo item ideas for your next company golf outing.


Protect your attendees from the elements

Golfers are out in the sun or rain all day during a game. They need protection, so why not give them a dry zone cap or some Tifosi Mira Sunglasses?


For some cool golf apparel, go for a Nike Dri-Fit Vapor Polo or Ogio Connection Joggers for them to wear during their games.


For rain, a branded golf umbrella or some custom outerwear!


Drinks for the course

Another great golf promo item is something in which your guests can put water, an energy drink, or a sports drink in. Golf is not a short game and keeping yourself hydrated is important. They will appreciate a nice water bottle or tumbler with your company’s logo on it. They can use it during the game or at any other time. Try Coleman 20 oz. Brewski Stainless Steel Tumblr or a 20.9 oz Push-Button Lid Stainless Bottle on the course.


Golf outings are also a great time to crack open a cold beer. There are a few options that are good for keeping those drinks cold, like a All-Access Cooler Bag or a Golf Cooler Bag.


Golf Accessories

Promotional golf merchandise is a memorable and unique way to get your name out there. Partners, clients, and associates will all appreciate and use personalized golf gear —like customized divot tools and custom print glove to get your logo noticed on the green.

348787Charity golf tournaments are a great way to bring awareness and maximize fundraising dollars, but for your tournament to be successful, you will need to consider how to attract the key players: your sponsors and golfers. When it comes to selling sponsorships, you will want to rely on your committee members, as they may have some strong connections to help you get sponsors. Sponsorship packages, that outline the contribution of companies and what they receive in return, will help companies want to take the initiative to sponsor your tournament. Sponsors will have different needs and budget, creating sponsorship packages often offer a variety of sponsorship levels to those who may not be willing to break the bank, but still want to contribute to your fundraiser.


Countless charity tournaments start off by securing a date and course. If you are planning an event for the first time, you may want to do some research beforehand. Ask coworkers, clients, and friends if there is any interest. If you oversee an annual event, be sure to get a list of all players and potential players from previous years. Also, who would not want to go home with a great prize?! Just make sure you advertise it beforehand, to establish interest and excitement. Finally, be sure to implement some fresh ideas each year or start a unique tradition to keep players interested and want to return year after year!



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