Clean Harbors came to Stran looking to create a single
centralized platform to service their promotional product needs throughout their operations in both the United States and Canada. Their previous system consisted of two separate
outdated e-commerce platforms. This resulted in an
unsatisfying user experience along with presenting a number of technical challenges. Additionally, all orders required the
approval of a single individual within the Clean Harbors
Marketing Department, regardless of dollar value or order
quantity. This drastically hindered the program's existence and effectiveness. Clean Harbors sought a unified platform that could provide a much more organized and user-friendly
experience for all of their employees in the US and Canada
while simplifying their program in the process.


Operating an international e-commerce platform comes with a number of unique complications and obstacles that require thoughtful and detailed solutions. Clean Harbors retains a significant number of employees and resources in Canada which makes sourcing from U.S.-based suppliers more expensive from a logistical standpoint. Additionally, shipping internationally prolongs the shipping timeline and creates a number of more complicated cost-reduction hurdles. Stran was tasked with providing solutions to these unique and multi-faceted challenges.


Stran got right to work resolving the challenges that Clean Harbors faced by launching one centralized e-commerce platform for their employees located in the US and Canada. Additionally, Stran began warehousing products for distribution in both the US and Canada to expedite turnaround time and to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Stran was also able to develop a single billing solution to resolve Clean Harbors multinational accounting hurdles. Finally, Stran was able to develop a unique approval system which order Clean Harbors department and branch managers have the ability to approve orders at or under a specified dollar amount. Any orders exceeding that amount were forwarded to senior-level management in a calculated effort to make this program run as swiftly as possible by eliminating unnecessary delay.


Clean Harbors has been thrilled with the work that Stran provides as they continue to utilize Stran for all of their promotional product needs. Stran actively provides Clean Harbors with a robust user experience featuring real-time product availability, a detailed list of product features, and a vast & trending product selection. Clean Harbors management is no longer burdened with the day-to-day details of managing their e-commerce platform as Stran has adopted the responsibility of managing and operating the program as it continues to grow.

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