Digitas is a prominent international marketing agency who’s Print Production Department is located in Boston. Digitas recently began the process of re-branding by implementing a new logo and change in initiatives; they reached out to the Stran team for help spreading their new brand internally. Stran was tasked with providing gifts for more than 2,500 Digitas employees across eight US-Based offices along with providing product for an additional 300+ employees of their subsidiary company, Groupe Connect. In addition, Stran was responsible for providing gifts for new team members as Digitas continues to grow rapidly.


With Digitas’ constant growth, the issue of product availability came to the forefront. As Digitas grows, so does their need for readily available branded product. This became challenging from a logistical standpoint as Stran needed to provide quality, custom products that could be produced at the drop of a hat all for under $50 per unit. v had to adapt to meet Digitas’ needs on the fly and create an increasingly personalized solution to match their complex need.


In order to meet Digitas’ unique demands, Stran launched a pop-up store allowing Digitas employees the opportunity to select branded backpacks, retail-named laptop organizers, and fleece jackets showcasing Digitas and Groupe Connects’ new logos. Stran was even able to provide pre-production samples and meet with the team at Digitas to ensure that they had the best selection of promotional product to meet their re-branding goals. Once their employees located the store, they redeemed points through Magento where Stran would record that information by item and once to pass along to the production team. Stran was able to deliver each Digitas office their custom product within a mere three weeks after the conclusion of the shopping period.


The initial launch was a tremendous success as all orders were fulfilled in a timely manner. Currently, Stran provides Digitas with an ongoing store for the gifting needs of new hires. Every Tuesday, Stran and Digitas communicate employee points to be uploaded to the online store with the purpose of affording Digitas employees more opportunities to sport their brand. At the conclusion of each month, Digitas places a bulk order for their new employees, which Stran swiftly fulfills.


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