Types of Store Solutions

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Types of Store Solutions

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Use Cases

Popup Stores
Embrace the ease of pop-up ecompany stores, ideal for limited-time events or seasonal promotions. These setups streamline your ordering process and efficiently manage your logistical needs.

Corporate Swag
Develop dedicated company swag stores for employees, featuring a variety of items perfect for giveaways, sales initiatives, corporate gifts, and more, all customized for internal use.

Uniform Programs
Achieve a consistent brand look across various sectors, including healthcare, safety, and corporate environments, with our tailored uniform programs.

Redemption Programs
Experience the convenience of a points-based system for hassle-free redemption of branded swag, applicable across diverse industries.

Retail Stores
Offer a conventional retail experience for those who prefer e-commerce or are passionate about the brand, providing a familiar shopping environment.

Loyalty Programs
Drive engagement and foster loyalty both internally with your team and externally with partners or customers, reinforcing connections and enhancing retention.

Elevate the Efficiency of Your Online Employee Store

Stran is recognized as the top website builder for managing your online company apparel store. Our programs integrate seamlessly with your warehouse operations, offering real-time inventory updates and proactive account management to streamline your processes. Compatible with various technological platforms – from CRMs to ERPs – you can trust this professional provider to facilitate a smooth transition for your store setup. From creating personalized kits to overseeing domestic and international shipping, we customize every aspect to fit your company goals.

Empower Your Team Through an Exclusive Online Company Store

Transform the way you distribute your brand’s promotional products with Stran’s state-of-the-art online company store for employees. Say goodbye to the complexities of sourcing, storing, and shipping branded items. Our platform optimizes the ordering process and organizes inventory, freeing up time and resources for your business.

Boost team morale and productivity with customizable rewards, giving employees the freedom to select their preferred items. Keep your brand consistent and vibrant with an easy-to-use platform for buying and managing your company’s swag. An online company store from Stran not only enhances your brand's visibility across all channels but also inspires your team to proudly represent your brand.

Grow Your Brand

Join the Stran community today and take your operational efficiency to new heights while empowering your team to proudly showcase your brand!