Merchbook 2.1

This year, we're rolling out our annual Merchbook a bit differently. Instead of releasing an all encompassing Merchbook to kick off the year, we're going to be rolling it out in quarterly phases. Our Q1 Merchbook 2.1 is packed full of new products and exciting trends geared towards helping you generate brand exposure this quarter. Check it out! Keep an eye out towards the end of March for our Merchbook 2.2.

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Merchbook 2.1
Trares Mathew


It's been a long time coming, but we're excited to finally begin offering the trending golf brand Travis Mathew! Currently, we're offering a limited selection with the full collection launching next month. It's going to go fast, so start planning your order today. Interested in viewing our entire selection? Contact Stran today at for more information.


For the holiday season, you may have received a 2020 piñata from us! If you did, we hope you had as much fun smashing 2020 as we did. Watch our team take a parting shot at 2020!

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