Wahlburgers came to Stran with the vision of expanding their apparel and merchandising presence. As Wahlburgers retains such an enormous brand identity due to the Hollywood success of brothers Mark and Donnie, they came to the realization that their customers want more than just their tasty burgers, they want branded merchandise and so they launched an initial merchandising program to test the waters. After recognizing the potential scalability of their program, Wahlburgers partnered with Stran to meet the growing demand of their customers.


As Wahlburgers continues to expand their operation throughout the United States, Canada and even the United Kingdom, it’s important to them to maintain strong branding consistency globally. A challenge that this poses from a retail standpoint is that Wahlburgers is franchised. Each franchisee is responsible for maintaining the Wahlburgers brand. When it comes to sourcing large amounts of product, it became clear to the brothers that they needed one single source for both their B2B and B2C needs. Wahlburgers wanted to first launch an e-commerce platform for their B2C needs and then they wanted to add a B2B platform where each franchisee could login and replenish product inventory for their individual locations.


Stran jumped into action, forecasting inventory levels based on a combination of understanding historical data, marketing initiatives, and the media exposure of the brothers various endeavors. We took over their existing online store and improved the overall user experience. After the successful implementation of their retail e-commerce store, Stran built out a powerful B-2-B solution as part of the same retail platform. Wahlburgers franchisees could now log in to order merchandise for their own locations at wholesale pricing. User profiles determined a variety of different rules including what categories, products, prices, minimum order quantities, and checkout methods were available to a given user. All products offered on the platform are identical (aside from custom localized pieces) to ensure that the brand is being maintained regardless of location. By launching this platform for Wahlburgers, Stran has been able to maintain consistency throughout all locations while helping individual stores to increase their revenues operating at both B2B and B2C levels.


Since partnering with Stran, Wahlburgers has been able to effectively expand and streamline both their B2B and B2C operations. Currently, customers can find an expansive product assortment on the Wahlburgers website which are available for purchase. Anyone at anytime can order their favorite Wahlburgers apparel. This fulfills their B2C e-commerce needs. From a B2B standpoint, any Wahlburgers franchisee can login and replenish their stock of apparel in just a few quick clicks of a button. Stran continues to work closely with Wahlburgers to ensure that their every need is met as they continue to expand the retail element of their evolving operation.

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