NYRR executes a very large youth incentive program called Rising New York Road Runners that promotes running and physical activity to school aged children throughout the country. The program enrolls over 2,500 locations (schools and organizations) with over 500,000 participants (kids grade K-12). As participants reach certain benchmarks, they earn incentives and rewards for their activity levels and participation.


In additional to being a large sourcing program, the Rising New York Road Runners program is a very complex fulfillment program including specific packing requirements as well as custom pack slips in order to allow those receiving the packages to be able to easily distribute the incentive pieces. This program also required specific integrations with the NYRR Salesforce database.


Stran developed an updated incentive product ofering, procured those products, forecasts ongoing inventory levels, manages those inventory levels, and distributes the products to school administrators who give those out to kids as a reward for that participation. We worked with NYRR and our partner Harte Hanks to develop a custom packing slip that would make it clear and simple for the teachers in each of the schools who were responsible for distributing the incentives. Additionally we
created a new system with Harte Hanks to ensure that the larger school packages would be packed in a way that each classroom’s materials were clearly marked.


Last year, Stran developed, procured and distributed over 2 million incentives to almost 500,000 school children throughout the country on behalf of NYRR Youth Community Services.


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