Zoetis is the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets & livestock. Originally a subsidiary of Pfizer Animal Health, Zoetis was spun o as its own independent company in 2013. Zoetis products are sold primarily through veterinary clinics. Zoetis had been losing market share to generic name drugs and wanted to streamline engagement with consumers to drive brand awareness and loyalty to the Zoetis brand from consumers, veterinarians and animal clinics.


Previously, Zoetis had run a small sample loyalty program for one of its products and the results showed that creating consumer loyalty increased consumer engagement and significantly increased sales in their sample markets. They looked to roll out a more comprehensive, national program to cover all product lines while strategically targeting both veterinary clinics and pet & livestock owners. Zoetis engaged Stran to begin building out a two-tier incentive program to build brand loyalty with consumers while also benefitting their B2B customers, the veterinarians


Stran worked with Zoetis to design two separate programs with the goal of incentivizing each of their targeted markets. For the consumers/end users (the pet and livestock owners) we developed Zoetis’ Petcare rewards program. Pet owner’s signup in a custom-built portal and register their pets. Participants earn points by purchasing Zoetis products from their veterinarians and uploading scans of their receipts into the portal. Their receipts are analyzed and approved by a 3rd party plugin and the pet owner is awarded points based on the spend. Once participants hit a specific, predetermined point threshold, they can redeem their points for various rewards – the most common being a reloadable prepaid debit card to be used at their veterinary clinic. In an effort to target veterinarians & animal clinics (the B2B customers of Zoetis) Stran worked with Zoetis on a series of rewards programs in which the clinics can earn Zoetis branded materials and products that are useful within the clinic. Veterinarians earn these rewards through taking specific actions such as attending seminars and other events as well as other behavioral activities that Zoetis promotes.


Both Zoetis programs have been widely successful. The pet ownership program has enrolled over 775,000 participants since the launch of the program and yields a 77% engagement rate with registered users. This translates to nearly 600,000 pet owners having earned some number of points in the program to date. More than $4,000,000 has been spent back at veterinary clinics using the pre-paid debit cards. Stran has also begun adding additional rewards to the pet ownership program including products that can be personalized with pictures and/or names of the owner’s pets.  Zoetis recognized that not only do loyal customers buy more product, but they also buy it more frequently. The duel-program effort established by Stran has resulted in increased sales for Zoetis while increasing & intensifying brand awareness in a positive & effective environment for both consumers & veterinarians. 

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