A large Boston-based financial services firm was looking to offer their employees and clients a product that was more personal in order to forge a better brand connection. Ideally, they wanted a high-quality personalized product that would be well received by valued employees, customers, and wholesalers alike. 


As a reputable financial company, this financial services firm needed a recognized novelty item that could also be produced one-off. More importantly, they needed an experienced distributer with not only the logistical know-how to take on this type of personalization campaign but the access and ability to find the best product for their target audience. 


Stran immediately began researching and developing the best solution for our client. Our team landed on the idea of personalizing Louisville Slugger bats. The bats are not only able to be produced one-off, but they are also a novelty item with the great driving factor of having brand recognition. 

The Stran team went ahead to add the bats to the existing online e-Company platform. This involved setting up manual processing on our team's end in order for it to be easy to use and appear automatic on the consumer /purchaser's end. The consumer is given digital proof before the final purchase is made to ensure the correct spelling of the name. Finally, the fulfillment and distribution of the bats is carried out completely by our team and in partnership with Harte Hanks. 


Over the course of the two years that the personalization campaign has been running, the bats have been extremely popular and successful. Stran has received extraordinary feedback from our client and was even asked to launch a second personalization program. In response and shortly following the launch of the Louisville Slugger bats, Stran launched a personalized golf ball campaign for this financial services firm. Most of the industry's top vendors did not want to produce one-off gold balls; however, Stran was able to establish a new business agreement with a valued vendor which allowed the project to take root. Now, both personalization programs are ongoing and widely successful. This Boston-based financial services firm can now foster an even great personal connection between their customers and their brand. 


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