Coca-Cola had a concept for a personalized apparel branding campaign to support its Powerade band. The campaign concept was built around the idea that “we’re all just a kid from somewhere” a phrase made popular by NBA star LeBron James. Coca-Cola was looking to launch a campaign where customers could enter the name of their hometown and purchase a T-shirt, sweatshirt and/or hat branded with “Just A Kid from” and their hometown. They partnered with The Boys and Girls Clubs of America and pledged to donate all profits to the organization from the sale of these apparel items.


Coca-Cola reached out to its group of licensees to find someone who could produce these goods for this campaign but could not find a single licensee who could work through all of the logistical issues associated with this type of personalization campaign and keep the apparel items at a price point that would meet the needs of the campaign.


Phase 1: Stran had already been producing personalized, branded products for some of our clients when we heard about the Powerade opportunity. Our team went to work immediately developing a solution. Our initial solution involved a certain level of manual work to take the data being collected through the Just-A-Kid website and incorporating it into the art files for direct to garment printing. Stran’s solution was approved by Coca-Cola and we were awarded a license to produce the merchandise. Each Just-A-Kid order includes Powerade private labels, Boys & Girls Clubs of America hangtags, custom packaging and coordinating city sticker.

Phase 2: After rolling out the program and running it for several months Stran developed an improved process that eliminated the manual process of getting the variable data placed into the artwork with an automated process that provides XML files to production. Our improved solutions allowed us to take on an even larger role in the campaign for its 2nd year


In approximately 10 months Stran has produced more than 37,000 Just-A-Kid apparel pieces for Powerade. These items are being purchased both by the consumer and internally at Coca-Cola for marketing purposes to support the brand. In addition to the volume of sales, this campaign has generated multiple celebrity sightings including David Ortiz, Beyonce, and others as well as buzzworthy mentions in national press such as US Weekly and Sports Illustrated. “I’m so glad you guys are as proud of the Just A Kid platform as we are. Without Stran this whole project would have been a great idea that we probably would never have executed.” –Alex Center (Design @ Coca-Cola). Stran’s ability to do what others could not accomplish and to then improve upon the process has allowed Powerade to continue to build upon the success of the Just-A-Kid program and to add additional designs for year 2. Only a couple of months after successfully implementing the Just-A Kid program, Stran was asked to implement a personalized apparel program to mirror the Share-A-Coke campaign. Stran currently runs both programs for Coca-Cola.


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