Essentia is a growing premium water brand targeting active lifestyle buyers. With an aggressive and continued growth effort, Essentia seeks to gain improved point-of-sale exposure by commanding the attention of retail customers with creative marketing solutions. The Essentia team came to Stran looking for captivating retail marketing solutions that resonate with shoppers at retail.


Essentia wanted to cut through the overwhelming clutter consuming shelves at retail. They needed a partner who could develop relevant dealer loaders while executing strict production timelines & and logistical mandatories. Retailers prefer to display items that hold value beyond their service at retail. In order to meet this demand, products must be on trend and align with Essentia’s core messaging.


Dealer loaders are designed to be used as sales incentives for both retailers and distributors. A key factor that drove the ideation process was developing product concepts that retailers would want to keep post-display with the belief that this strategy would accelerate product sales. Stran performed extensive brand research to develop concepts that fit the brand’s message of living an overachieving lifestyle. Stran then developed product decks full of innovative dealer loader items for Essentia to choose from. Essentia loved the product offerings and placed an order. Following production, 1,200 of these products were drop-shipped to more than 30 locations nationwide.


Since partnering with Stran, Essentia has gained a stronger foothold in their retail market and stands out from the clutter that surrounds them. The team at Essentia is continuously impressed with the retail-inspired product selection that Stran offers. The Essentia team continues working closely with Stran to create point-of-sale display pieces to grow their brand. Since the beginning of the partnership, Essentia has begun utilizing Stran for various other promotional needs as Stran has proven to be a creative & and reliable extension of the Essentia Marketing team.

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