Great West Financial, a more than 100-year-old financial investment firm, was looking for a creative way to get the attention of financial professionals nationwide and to educate them on a new investment product they were rolling out around the concept of “Flexibility”. Their goal was to set appointments with these financial professionals and use those meetings as an opportunity to educate and persuade the professionals to sell this new financial product to their clients.


Great West Financial does not sell directly to the end users of their product. Their target market is the financial professionals who work with high-net worth individuals to maximize returns on their portfolios. Broad and generic advertising does not work for this type of niche audience and the the team at Great West was looking for a more innovative approach to directly market this new product and get more of the financial professionals selling to the appropriate audience writing business with them.


Stran met with the team at Great West to understand
the product offering that they were rolling out and what marketing materials they were already working on to support the roll out. Once we identified that Great West was producing a video explainer for the new product our team jumped into action to build a tool that would impress and drive sales. We custom developed a high end box with a video screen built into the cover and two draws to hold both physical product and collateral. Stran showcased the message of “flexibility” by building a tool that provided different ways for a financial professional or their client to educate themselves on the product. This included the digital video vs. traditional print collateral. We also incorporated a promotional item not traditionally associated with flexibility into the box, a Bluetooth keyboard which could be rolled up. This video box went through several iterations until it perfectly captured Great West’s branding and the overall messaging associated with their new product offering.


Stran produced 1,000 of the video boxes. To date, Great West has distributed about half of the total (500 boxes) produced with tremendous success. Through sending these video boxes to their target list of financial professionals, Great West Financial has been able to set meetings, educate their resellers, and drive over $50 Million in new sales that are tied directly to recipients of the boxes. This is a great example of how Stran can help our customers by more than just providing simple products – instead, we are able to develop sales tools that directly impact your business and drive incremental revenue.


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