Back To The Office Kits

03.08.2021 | News, Featured Homepage, trends

As the vaccine rollout continues and cases are on the decline (finally), it’s time to start thinking about getting your team back into the office. The office you left last March won’t be the same one you’ll be returning to in the coming months. There will be health & safety protocols in place and social distancing is going to be practiced. But you’re an expert in that by this point, just another day in the pandemic lifestyle!

Stran Solutions - Snack

According to CNBC, 75% of remote employees would like to return to the office at some point in the future. When the time’s safe, employees want to return to the days of having some sort of recognizable routine. A commute into the office (an excuse to blast that embarrassing playlist you don’t want to share with the family), water cooler conversations, and in-person meetings? Where do I sign up? The things we once took for granted we now covet. Who would’ve thought we’d miss the “manilla” of everyday life as much as we do!

With 75% of the remote workforce looking forward to a return, there’s also a quarter that are hoping to remain remote for the foreseeable or permanent future. Regardless of which bucket you and your team fall into, you’ll have teammates chomping at the bit to return and you’ll have others frantically fighting for their remote freedoms.

The point? You’ll have co-workers eager to resume “office life” and you’ll have co-workers dreading their return to the office. So, what can you do to make your team’s welcome back enjoyable for all? Give them a promo product gift drop! Everyone appreciates swag, but it’s especially important this time around since it’s going to be a shot of company culture for life after the pandemic. And maybe even for those co-workers who aren’t thrilled about coming back in, a bribe! 

But what branded products say “welcome back” while also making your team feel safe and confident knowing you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect them? Let’s take a look. 

Air Purifiers: Kill airborne germs & keep workspaces free of contamination

UV Wands: Kill germs on high contact surfaces without laying a finger on them

PPE Kits: Provide PPE for in & around the office to promote Covid conscious practices

Food & Drink Baskets: Snack & sip on sweet & savory flavors to get through your first few days back

Summer Apparel: Outfit your team in summer styles and encourage a laid-back dress code upon reentry 

From equipping your team with the tools to keeping your workplace sanitized & sterilized to giving them sweets & swag, let them know you’re excited to welcome them back, whether they’re excited to come back or not!

Air purifiers and UV products will keep the air and surfaces in your office clean and safe from harmful germs. PPE kits will keep your team safe from germs and swag will put a smile on their mask-covered faces. More than anything else, welcome back gifts show empathy and encourage pride in the workplace. 

So, how are you planning to welcome your team back to the office?