Branded Drinkware

08.07.2020 |

When you're exploring your promotional product options, a core ingredient to realizing a strong ROI is how universal the item you're branding is. That's why the world of promo has a grouping of top tier products that stand the test of time. Why have they cemented themselves as core promo items? The simple answer is because everyone uses them. 

Branded Drinkware

Regardless of industry, demographic or any number of audience differentiators, these core items will always serve a purpose. With that in mind, one core product that has a history of producing a substantial ROI is promo drinkware.

According to ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute), 88% of consumers report owning promotional drinkware. It's easy to see it's popularity as it's a practical promo item with ample opportunity to incorporate branding. From the gym to your desk and everywhere in between, everyone needs to hydrate and that's why this category will never go out of style. 

But now you're probably asking yourself how impactful it is. What does your reach look like with a piece of branded drinkware? It goes farther than you might think. On average, branded drinkware generates 1,400 impressions per piece. 

Beyond how many pairs of eyes are drawn to your logo on the drinkware, it resonates with your end-user as Gen X's report being 71% more likely to conduct business with a company that provided them with promotional drinkware. 

It’s easy to see the positive impact that branded drinkware can have on a marketing effort. With companies going remote and economic reopening’s slowed, it’s never been more challenging to get in front of your target audience. A solution to that is providing them with a piece of drinkware covered with your logo. 

While your end-users may be out of the office for a while, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be exposed to your brand as they work from home. From their morning coffee mug to their workout water bottle, make sure it’s your brand that they see. That constant reinforcement will pay dividends, make your brand an essential part of their day!