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05.11.2020 | trends, Consumers



Marketing After Covid

To put it lightly, Covid19 has caused havoc across the globe. Beyond the obvious medical & social hurdles, it’s dramatically impacted the way business is conducted and as a result, marketing & advertising efforts have had no choice but to adapt. But this pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There’s no template, no road map for navigating these uncharted waters. Tradeshows, events, meetings, they’re all canceled. Traditional marketing mediums have been taken off the table. So, now what?

With the end of quarantine in sight, what will your marketing strategy look like on the other side of this once in a lifetime challenge? It’s still unlikely that tradeshows & events will go on as scheduled, but marketers must market! It’s up to you to adapt and adjust on the fly to deliver the most memorable and impactful message to your consumers given the circumstances.



Promotional products provide your brand with visibility in the everyday lives of your end-users. While you may struggle to gain exposure through various other marketing channels as a result of Covid19, promotional products allow you to enter the lives of consumers. Almost all consumers own at least one promotional product, but according to ASI, 89% of consumers own a writing instrument & 88% own promotional drinkware making these two categories the most prominent.

Of the two leading categories, nearly 90% of those surveyed report owning both. This is an example of advertisers identifying a common consumer demand and filling the void with branded products.

Lightbulb, Light

When you’re able to fill a consumer void, your product is on the forefront in the everyday life of your targeted user by providing constant brand reinforcement. Certainly, you’re hoping to generate immediate revenue from your promotional investment, but it can also pay dividends in the long run. Consider a very real scenario comparing promotional products to traditional media advertisements.


Consumer Connection



You decide that the best way to stay in front of your clients in the wake of Covid19 is a promotional mailing campaign. You decide to pair a promotional pen (average cost per impression 2/10 of a cent) with a postcard pitching your new product or service offering. While the effort was effective for consumers who were ready to make a purchasing decision, a large portion of your end-users didn’t have the budget to make the investment at the time of your campaign. However, they decided to hold onto the pen because who doesn’t need an extra pen laying around? They receive a phone call and scramble to jot down a few notes, they grab your branded pen. It’s now sitting front & center on their desk, constantly generating brand awareness with every stroke of the pen. Finally, they have both the demand and need for your product/service. Unlike your competition, they’re familiar with your brand. You’re their first dial. At a minimum, it gives you the initial point of contact and a leg up on the competition.

While this may seem like a stretch, I can assure you it’s not. We’re all consumers, so put yourself in the shoes of your end-user. If you’re making a purchasing decision, would you be more apt to consider the company that provided you with a promotional piece? According to ASI, 51% of consumers reported being more likely to do business with an organization that provided them with a promotional writing instrument.

With so much uncertainty ahead, be certain that you’re getting the exposure you’re paying for. Promotional swag creates goodwill between you and your clients while giving your brand a placeholder in their day-to-day life. What impression are you leaving?