Corporate Golf

05.17.2020 | Events, Golf, June21

Swing Into Golf Season

Spring is in swing and summer is just around the corner. It’s golf season! The season has been off to a strange start to say the least. Amidst the pandemic, most states were forced to close courses at one point or another. However, many have reopened and golf has become the perfect social distancing activity for both avid & casual golfers alike.


Being outdoors, golf provides an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and the company of others at a safe distance. With this being the case, golf is a safe leisurely activity and a trend to be is that golf will serve as a popular alternative to traditional meetings. But if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need much convincing on why hitting the links is a worthwhile activity!

Golf has always been a fun alternative to traditional boardroom meetings and that remains unchanged. But with the current state of affairs, golf courses are now safer locations than boardrooms to host professional gatherings, no matter how bad your slice is! With that, the plush putting greens & tee boxes are perfect locations to highlight your brand in the eyes of clients with branded golf gear.

From apparel pieces such as polos, quarter-zips, hats and more to branded golf balls, tees, towels and so on, think about what your team and/or your clients would appreciate on the course. Now more than ever, branded golf gear allows you to replace the missed in-office branding experience and create one on the course. But what might this branded experience look like?

Corporate Golf

When you arrive at the course, make sure you’re outfitted with a branded golf shirt, golf hat, and maybe a quarter zip depending on your tee time. When preparing for your match, reach into your bag to snag a few branded golf balls & tees, then you dust off your driver on your new branded golf towel. By this point, it’s evident that you’ll be sporting your brand at every stroke of the club.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a fresh sleeve of balls for your partner, maybe a hat or a polo if you think they’d like one! The key is creating a positive & memorable experience for your client. It’s important to look buttoned up on your own end, but it’s critical that you leave them with a piece of branded golf gear as a token of your outing. Why? Because the next time they head out to shoot a round, it’s your brand that they see. Whether it’s the ball they’re hitting, the towel they’re using or the apparel they’re wearing, your brand is gaining loyalty with them and exposure with whoever sees them on the course.

With golf season in full swing, make sure you’re showing off your brand every chance you get. Golf gear never goes out of style so consider golf apparel & equipment moving forward as courses replace conference rooms!