Direct Mail & Promo

08.28.2020 | News, Featured Homepage, dynamic-list-service

In an increasingly distanced and virtual world, it’s no secret that most face-to-face gatherings for businesses and other large organizations are being either canceled or postponed. With that, so is the opportunity to make a direct physical connection with your target audience. So, what’s the solution?

Direct Mail & Promo

Whether it’s a canceled tradeshow, event or meeting, you’ll want to make up for the missed opportunity with a physical touch. The solution? Three-dimensional targeted mailings.

On average, 90% of direct mailings are opened. Additionally, mailing pieces with a promotional product component have a 15% higher open rate than your standard literature-based mailing piece. 

What are we getting at? When you pair print & promotional products in direct mail, you’re going to experience a higher open rate which leaves you with a better return. After all, the point of your marketing effort is to attract attention to your brand.

When you send a print & promo mailer, the promo component adds a number of benefits. First, which has already been mentioned, it’s more likely to be opened and consumed. The reality is, when you give someone a free product that they find value in, you’ve created goodwill. The likelihood that your end-user more closely reads your literature increases. 

Items to Consider:

  • Computer Camera Cover
  • Face Mask
  • Clean Key
  • Branded Pen
  • Screen Cleaning Cloth


Additionally, when your literature serves its purpose and likely ends up recycled, you’ve left a lasting impression with a promotional product. When you provide a useful product, your consumer will hold onto it and use it from time to time. Every time they do, your brand is on full display in their lives reminding them of your brand. It’s constant brand reinforcement. 

If you're looking to make a lasting impression on your consumers in a socially distanced world, targeted mailings are the solution. Create goodwill and inform your audience by pairing print & promo.