Environmentally Friendly Product Materials

01.06.2020 | trends, Sustainability

Green Product Trends for 2020


Did you know that 42% of consumers view an advertiser more favorably if the promotional product they receive is environmentally friendly? As the calendar has officially struck 2020, we’re not only entering a new year, but a new decade. With that, it’s a great time for reflection and striving to make positive changes in our day-to-day lives. Everyone comes up with personal goals for self-improvement, but have you ever thought about promoting sustainability at the flip of the calendar?

Like every other product category on the market, sustainable products go through their own cycles & trends and the two 2020 eco-friendly trends generating the most steam are wheat straw (Not straws, straw!) & bamboo. You’re probably familiar with bamboo, but maybe not wheat straw. So lets breakdown what exactly makes these such great green options and what product offerings are available for both of these materials.

Wheat Straw


So, what is wheat straw? Wheat straw is the stalk leftover from wheat after it’s harvested for the season. In other words, it’s hay! Traditionally, wheat straw has been burnt after the harvest of wheat which contributes to the growing concerns around air pollution and our carbon footprint. By using wheat straw in the manufacturing of promotional products, not only does it reduce air pollution, but it also provides a healthy alternative to using materials from trees and it protects our disappearing forests.

Another green benefit of wheat straw is that when the product sees its final day of use, it’s completely biodegradable. This means that rather than piling up in a 

landfill, these products can be composted leaving no trace and minimizing their effect on the environment. Think of this as being similar to the trend of staying away from plastic straws and using paper options, only for your promotional products containing plastic rather than your sipping & slurping utensil. Wheat straw has the same durability as plastic, yet it eliminates the negative environmental consequences.

What products can you purchase to support this sustainable movement and join in on the growing trend of 2020? Listed below are just a few different offerings, but the selection of products made from wheat straw is only expanding & evolving.

  1. Wheat straw Bluetooth speakers
  2. Wheat straw charging pads
  3. Wheat straw lunch & snack containers
  4. Wheat straw mugs with stainless steel liner
  5. Wheat straw pens



While I’m sure you’re familiar with bamboo, you’re probably wondering what makes it so sustainable. After all, it’s still a tree. So, why should we support the use of products made from bamboo? Using bamboo-based products is environmentally friendly because the tree itself grows back rapidly (Up to 3 feet a day if you were

 curious). Additionally, it doesn’t need to be re-planted as it regenerates organically which eliminates the risk of deforestation.

As a product, bamboo is strong & durable. Unlike plastic, bamboo offers a quality alternative to depleting non-renewable resources while providing more strength than plastic materials and remains a healthier environmental option. Like wheat straw, sourcing bamboo-based products is both trendy and environmentally friendly.

What products can be produced using bamboo?

  1. Water bottles & tumblers
  2. Cutting boards & cheese trays
  3. Cooking & grilling utensils
  4. Wireless charging banks
  5. Desk organizers

Whether you prefer wheat straw or bamboo, you’ll be current on 2020 trends with either of these environmentally friendly options! What better way to start the decade than by practicing sustainable branding? Paint 2020 green with sustainable & trendy branded products.