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04.13.2020 | News, Health & Wellness



Having Fun at Home


With most states handing down shelter-in-place orders, you’re probably feeling a little bit stuck at home. We all are! But rather than viewing this as a negative, which is hard to do at times, try viewing this time at home as an opportunity for positive change. There are countless  activities that you can pick up to keep busy that you otherwise might not have had time for.

A great way to keep yourself organized in your quest to trying new activities is by setting goals. Whether they be daily, weekly or for the end of quarantine, set goals for new activities that you want to have completed and stick to them. It gives you a sense of normalcy and structure in a time of uncertainty!

So, what activities should you consider trying? Take a look at our top 5 quarantivities to give a shot!


  1. Game Night: Hopefully you have some company around (but not too much) during the quarantine. Host a game night, put the phones away and enjoy a night of board games, card games or whatever else you’ve got laying around!
  2. Art Projects: While we may not all be the most gifted artist, give something a try and have fun with it! Paint, draw, do something to get lost in creativity. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out you’re more creative than you gave yourself credit for.
  3. Play an Instrument: What do you have laying around the house? A guitar? Keyboard? Whatever it is, what do you have to lose? See if you don’t have a hidden musical talent!
  4. Cooking: Cooking (well) takes time, the good news is you should have plenty of it! Look up a new recipe and take a crack at it.
  5. Yoga: I know what you’re thinking, but before you cross it off the list hear me out! Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever. You don’t have to be flexible to do basic yoga! Check out a YouTube video or two of basic yoga and have fun with it. It’ll relieve stress and it’s a great healthy habit. You have the time for it!


With all this extra time on your hands, make an effort to try new things, make the most of it! While we’d all rather be able to live life as we were before this pandemic began, we can only play the cards we’re dealt. Make the most of your hand to discover hidden talents and build healthy habits!