2022 Promo Use Cases

06.04.2021 |

With mask & capacity restrictions falling by the wayside, it’s finally starting to feel like life as we once knew it is returning. A welcomed sight to say the least!

From the freedom of no longer scrambling to find a mask before walking inside a public building to attending large gatherings from sporting events & concerts to amusement parks and everywhere else we once gathered before the pandemic struck, normalcy is finally returning.

As a result of the reopening process leaping what once looked like months of hurdles, this summer is shaping up to be one that’s going to make up for all time lost in the past year and change. But how can promotional products help elevate brands during a summer and fall that won’t soon be forgotten?blogimage

Back to Work:

If you’ve been back into your office lately, you may have noticed that the parking lot (no not your commute) has started filling back up as the weather warms. As the return to work ramps up, you’ll have employees & coworkers who are both eager and unsure of their return to the office. Regardless of how the majority of your workplace feels, everyone appreciates a welcome back to work kit. From company apparel to branded snack packs, a welcome back to work kit goes a long way towards building a positive corporate culture.

Summer Promo:

Since the outlook of our nationwide reopening was projected to hit closer towards the end of summer than the beginning, everyone’s been holding their vacation days close to the vest. Now that the reopening is here, expect this summer to be one where your inbox floods with “Out Of Office” replies. From coworkers to clients and prospects, give them some branded summer swag to enjoy the summer of a lifetime!

Tailgate Promo:

No matter how your team faired of the gridiron last season, it wasn’t the same. With some to none in the stands, the atmosphere that surrounds fall and football was dampened. Tailgate essentials such as grill gear, tailgate & backyard games to flannel blankets are going to be must-have promo products ahead of football season which is right around the corner.

Tradeshow & Event Promo:

Before the pandemic, tradeshows sometimes seemed like more of a chore than a vacation. But after taking more than a year off, traveling for work has never been so enticing. Making sure your brand looks sharp with up-to-date branding assets such as booth signage and event giveaway items.

With the country reopening, the opportunity to use promo as a tool to promote your brand is endless. From contributing to a positive corporate culture to improving brand loyalty & recall, put your brand on the forefront with summer swag.