Promo Product Trends 2021

12.16.2020 | Featured Homepage

When December turns to January, the year turns to 2021 (finally). As we prepare for the new year, there are new trends to take note of and also some trends that have survived the test of time that should get consideration as we move forward. So, which trends are going to be important to have your bearing around in the world of 2021 promotional products? Let’s dive in.

Healthy Start to the New Year: I would say it’s a cliché, but by now, even that’s getting cliché. The idea of “New year new me” has been around since the beginning of time, literally, but this year there’s a growing opportunity to make an impact with home fitness promo products. So, what makes 2021 different than years prior? Everyone is stuck at home, they have the time to make the healthy change they've always been envisioning! Consider building morale and encouraging physical health by developing a friendly home wellness competition. Send your team branded home fitness products (jump ropes, ab rollers, resistance bands, yoga mats, etc) and set incentivized goals for them to achieve. This is a great way to boost morale and team comradery while working remotely. 

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Custom Socks: Trendy at retail and made to fit any budget, custom socks will continue their ascent as a core promotional product. This fun and affordable option makes for a great employee or client gift. From dress socks to fuzzy winter socks, share your creativity and let your users know you’ve been thinking about them as they’re stuck at home. 

Cooking & DIY: After being stuck at home for 9 months, people got creative. They took their time at home to try new things such as cooking, crafts, gardening (weather permitting), etc… So, provide products that encourage these newfound hobbies and household happenings. From board games to cooking & gardening sets, these promo products will resonate with consumers.

Travel Accessories: There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021. With a vaccine finally being distributed, there’s hope that Covid will be contained sooner rather than later. With that, the world will be eager to begin traveling once again. Products such as luggage, luggage tags, duffels and other accessories will get their fair share of use.

Tradeshow & Events: An element of business that has disappeared almost entirely in 2020, tradeshows will return in 2021. A lot has changed since 2019, updating messaging on event booths, giveaways & literature will be necessary. This is an opportunity to finally make a face-to-face connection again, make sure it’s a good first impression or reintroduction!

Certainly, these aren’t the only trends we’ll see as 2021 arrives, but these are a few that’ll be important to consider as the new year gets underway. As we return to “normal” day-to-day life, we’ll see the return of the old but also, we’ll experience a lasting footprint of 2020.