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11.29.2022 | giving back, Volunteering



The weather’s getting chilly, leaves have fallen off trees, and snow is on its way! That means the holidays are right around the corner and the time of giving is in full swing. While receiving presents is nice, being generous to others is even better. That's why this GivingTuesday, we're excited to debut Stran's new volunteer initiative, START, and share some pointers for getting involved in your community. Read on to learn how our team is contributing their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of local families!

What is Giving Tuesday? 

Founded in 2012, GivingTuesday is an independent and nonprofit global movement that encourages folks worldwide to come together to do good. From its roots in NYC, GivingTuesday's efforts are now championed by over 80 global communities, with missions including:

- Cash donations to local nonprofits

- Environmental initiatives like planting trees and cleaning up beaches

- Offering individual time and talent to folks in need

- Promoting the hashtag #givingtuesday on social media to spread the word about doing good!

Want to get involved? Find your local GivingTuesday chapter here.

How Stran Gives Back

As a publicly-traded industry leader in promo product management, we recognize that our visibility and resources enable us to positively impact our surrounding communities. This November, we launched a new initiative, Start Transforming Right Around (your) Neighborhood, or STRAN (see what we did there? 😜). 

The STRAN program leverages the time and talents of our incredible Stran family to give back locally! Most recently, our team volunteered at Interfaith Social Services, located around the corner from our Headquarters in Quincy, MA. Members of the Stran family volunteered for shifts helping to stock Interfaith's food pantry, which serves thousands of families each year. 

Founded in 1947, Interfaith Social Services is dedicated to improving life for South Shore families and individuals in need. Our unique approach relies on a team of volunteers, donors and community partners to deliver compassionate, client-centered programs focused on hunger, mental health and homelessness prevention.

- Interfaith Social Services Mission Statement

Giving Back

Interfaith Social Services supports the South Shore community by compassionately providing them with the resources necessary to sustain a healthy and fulfilling life. Their team of volunteers is committed to alleviating hunger, providing mental health counseling, supporting children and families, and preventing homelessness.

Like Interfaith, Stran believes that supporting healthy community is critical to fostering social inclusion, serving marginalized group, promoting equal access to resources. When you choose to volunteer locally, you have the unique opportunity to gain insight into the needs of your community and better learn how your actions can positively influence a neighbor's day (or life)!

👐Want to lend a hand? Click here to donate to Interfaith Social Services.

If you or your team is interested in giving back this holiday season, here are some great ways to help!

  • Sign up to socialize future pets at your local animal shelter

  • Collect cold-weather clothing like blankets, gloves, and jackets for the unhomed 

  • Donate hygiene items for a women’s shelter

  • Create emergency kits with snacks, hand warmers, and hygiene essentials for at-risk individuals

  • Offer your time to the elderly community at your local retirement home

  • Organize a litter collection at your local park or town square

As Stran and STRAN both continue to grow and evolve, we are excited to  learn how to better serve our communities and use our collective strength to help improve the lives of others through service and support.  

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