Summer Promo 2021

03.26.2021 | June21

Can we get a mulligan on summer 2020? While summer 2021 might not look exactly like the summers we’re accustomed to, it’ll look a lot more “normal” than it did last year and that’s cause to celebrate! 

Anything that resembles normalcy is something to get excited about. Beaches will draw a crowd, maybe backyard BBQ’s and bonfires will make a return in ‘21. Whatever the case, it’ll be a leap in the right direction from the uncertainty and caution that 2020 gave us. 

So, what promo product trends should you have a grasp on to make sure your brand is gaining exposure this summer? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Stran Solutions - Clothing

Summer Games: From backyard BBQ’s to the beach and everywhere in between, there’s going to be fun to be had. Drinks will flow freely and when that happens, the competitive juices rise to the surface. Put your brand on the name of a good time with any number of outdoor games. A few hot games for summer ’21 are Spikeball, corn hole (a forever staple), and can jam. If you’re looking for something different, maybe something custom, let us know and we’ll give you a full rundown of the games we have available to make this summer one to remember! 

Summer Styles: This summer is going to be all about shedding the mask tan lines! While in some states, we’ll still need to wear our masks in public, in smaller private settings you’re probably safe to ditch them. So, what are summer styles going to look like? Sunglasses, sun hats (also known as floppy hats), tie-dye, and golf wear. These may seem like weekend wearables, but frankly, every day this summer is going to feel like the weekend. After a long harsh winter stuck indoors, embrace every second of warm weather and do it with the latest styles!

Summer Activities: Have you noticed a trend yet? Summer ’21 is going to be spent outside! We’ve all been stuck indoors with restrictions for far too long and the time to let loose is approaching. Everyone’s getting anxious to get outside and the doors are coming unhinged. Products promoting outdoor activity such as hiking gear, gardening products, beach essentials, and BBQ sets are going to get worn to the bone. Put your logo on them and give clients & employees the gift of summer!

Like most summers we’ve experienced, the idea is being outdoors and enjoying the weather. That’s something that’ll never change. Products themselves will stay relatively similar but the key is identifying consumer trends year by year to select the most effective promo products for driving impressions. So, how are you preparing for summer 2021?