Virtual Event Gift Kit

05.25.2020 | News, Featured Homepage, Events, Virtual Events, Tradeshows




Virtual Event Gift Kits


As a result of Covid19, most corporate events are being transitioned online. While this is without question a better solution than canceling these events altogether, there’s no doubt that branding opportunities have become limited as a result. But you can only play the hand you’re dealt, and the world is adapting. So, what’s your branding strategy for virtual events?

With the world’s continued virtual growth, the physical & in-person makes that much more of an impact on end-users. But with the current & unprecedented challenges that we’re facing, getting in front of your audience has never been more challenging.

Since your audience can’t come to you (for the time being), go to your audience! Create an authentic branded experience for your virtual event attendees by building virtual event gift kits to leave a branded impression. But what might a virtual event kit look like?


Branded Swag


A virtual event kit should work towards furthering your brand goals. This means that it should be unique to you! After all, there’s a reason your audience is attending your event, they’re bought into what you’re doing and they’re your biggest fans. Don’t underestimate the power that your brand fans can have.

In your custom kit, you’ll want to include items that your consumer can both use during the event but also items that they’ll use at the conclusion of your show. Use the list below to guide your product curation and to fuel your creativity to ensure that you’re making a lasting impact on your attendees.


During the Event


  • Journal & Pen Set: Give your audience pen & paper to jot down important notes. Make sure they’re equipped to absorb the wealth of knowledge you’re providing!
  • Postcard: Welcome attendees with a quick informative event postcard. This is a great time to greet your audience while providing them with an event schedule.
  • Blue Light Glasses: Since you’ve shifted virtual, make sure nobody has to strain their eyes with blue light glasses! These can be kept after the event too for further branded impressions.
  • Portable Charger: Your audience will be on their computer & phone all day, provide them with a charger for when they’re moving about the house.


After the Event


  • Sticker Pack: From water bottles to laptops, create a fun & exciting sticker pack that your audience will plaster on their everyday items to remember the good times & knowledge that your event provided them.
  • Branded Drinkware: There’s a reason branded drinkware is the 2nd most purchased promo category, people use it! Put your brand on it for endless impressions beyond the conclusion of your virtual event.
  • Branded Socks: Everyone could use an extra pair of socks, so make them creative and make them something your audience will be proud to wear! This is a great opportunity to show your brand as being clever & creative.
  • Unique to You: Whatever your line of work, you’re hosting an event which means you have a following. What’s your following looking to get out of this? Think of an item that speaks uniquely to your brand and is something that your audience can use with regularity.
Laptop, Pc



Whether your event gift kit is used to incentivize registration or to reward loyal/premium attendees, they’re a great way to say thanks and to generate excitement around your virtual experience. Naturally, it probably comes as a bit of a disappointment to event-goers that your show has been shifted online, so this is a great way to boost their spirits and reinvigorate them!

While we all adjust to this new norm of virtual tradeshows & events, remember that we’re adjusting together. With the typical marketing landscape now looking everything but typical, it’s important to adjust to cater to consumers. If you’re putting on a virtual event, you’re doing just that. But don’t forget to show off your brand and say thanks to those who support you most!