Building Brand Awareness at Golfing Events

12.20.2022 | Golf, Brand Awareness


Golf events are usually filled with product and branding placement. Everything from course barriers to signage have a company’s logo plastered all over. According to Statista, the U.S. golf economy has an estimated size of about $25 billion U.S dollars in 2021. The core segments, such as endorsements, associations, tournaments, golf suppliers and charities had an economic significance of around 2.3 billion U.S dollars. With financial gain opportunities at golfing events, how can you make sure that your brand is getting recognized among the others?

Most golf events have sponsorship opportunities. There are a couple of different ways that you can sponsor an event to make your brand stand out, such as being the presenting sponsor or contest sponsor. When considering promo merchandise, these sponsorships will provide your company with the most brand exposure at these events. Presenting sponsors are usually not as big as the title sponsor who paid the most money to have their company name put beside the words “golf tournament” but still have a great branding opportunity on scoreboards, signs, and other golf materials. Contest sponsors donate prizes or promo products for use during the event. With this in mind, it may make it a little easier to determine how your branding efforts can build awareness at a golf event.


Golf Apparel

Another great way to promote your brand is through golf apparel. Tiger Woods makes an excellent case study to the benefits apparel can offer. For example, when you think of Nike Golf, Tiger Woods is easily the first person that comes to mind. Spectators, fans, and participants will remember the tournament’s success long after the last tee off with apparel choice. The impact from golf apparel is so significant that in 2021 Callaway Golf Company and the Acushnet Company reported more than 3.1 billion U.S. dollars in revenue of which almost half were generated in the United States alone. From shoes to golf pants to tri-blend tournament windbreakers and t-shirts, there are several of head-to-toe ideas that are perfect for increasing your brand awareness.


Golf Bags

One more item that’s always alongside the golfer during a golf event is their bag. It holds their tools for success and never leaves their sight. Take advantage of that moving billboard with a branded golf bag for players. Allow the caddy to court your brand throughout the event and make sure everyone sees it!


Golf events can be a great opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight. Most golf events run the course of a few days, they draw in tons of spectators and media, and they take place during the time of year when most people are excited about spending more time outdoors. Placing your brand on the right promotional swag is all it takes to get the exposure you’re looking for!


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