Workplace Health and Wellness Trends in 2023

01.03.2023 | Health & Wellness


Health and Wellness Trends 2023

As we enter 2023, many business owners realize that producing great products and keeping sales in the black takes more than a great idea. Savvy organizations understand the importance of listening to employees' concerns and providing them with a safe and productive atmosphere so they can do their best work.

Employees want more than just a paycheck and a few days off. They also want a positive work environment, corporate wellness programs, and the chance to discuss important business matters.

Employee engagement and satisfaction is the key to business success, not just in the new year, but every day.  As your management team looks at the year ahead, consider the information and statistics below. Implementing these trends could make the difference between a successful or troublesome 2023.

What Employees Want in 2023 and Beyond

Flexible Working Options For Employees

Many surveys, like those conducted by Gallup, have asked employees what matters most when they consider working for a company. While good pay and health insurance will always be near the top, many people said that greater work-life balance, personal well-being, and the chance to work in a more diverse work environment were even more important.

Research also shows that many workers also want to have employee health and wellness initiatives at their place of business. These initiatives can benefit both physical and mental health — many of which provide resources for employees so that they know that the company cares about their well-being. Companies implementing these wellness programs have seen great success, with 76% of businesses saying that their programs have helped improve employee morale.

As the years go by, more employees are also thinking about the planet and how they can do their part to make the world a healthier place. More studies show that employees heavily consider eco-friendly companies over their less sustainable counterparts.  

Going green is also important beyond the draw for employees. In addition to fighting climate change for a better world, being eco-friendly can also impact the health of your own staff. When we produce less waste and pollution, we can breathe better, eat healthier food, and feel satisfied with our changes, improving our mental health. As we go into the new year, look at your company’s practices and think about how you can make a change.

Quiet Quitting Becomes a New Trend

Quiet Quitting

As we enter 2023, the term quiet quitting continues to gain steam. This is essentially when an employee decides not to complete tasks beyond their job description and only complete tasks they were employed to do. Many employees have reached this conclusion after reaching exhaustion from constantly being pushed past their limits without extra compensation provided by their employers. In many cases, employees may simply be burned out.  

It is important for management to watch for the signs of burnout in employees, which generally include a lack of engagement while at work and a decline in quality. Your employees may also call out sick more often or show up late more than they used to. There can also be physical side effects, like headaches and exhaustion.

It's crucial that organizations prioritize holistic employee wellness, rather than investing time and resources in performative gestures. While custom swag packs, recognition gifts, and even Pizza Fridays can be a positive aspect of work life, treating these as performative gestures (that don't  tie into a larger wellness framework)can give your team. the idea that management doesn’t care about their contributions.

One way to do that is by having active communication with your teams. It goes both ways. Tell your employees what they need to know and allow your workers to have an easy way to reach out if they have issues or if they are under extra stress.

 Constant communication is very beneficial for a company because, in addition to ensuring that everyone is satisfied, it can also help to reduce workplace errors. When an employee can come to management and report technical problems or safety considerations, then they have one less thing to worry about, and they can focus on their work.

Consider A HoLISTIC APPROACH to workplace wellness

Other ways to reduce burnout and improve employee satisfaction include implementing health and wellness programs and EAPs (employee assistance programs). As in recent years, we anticipate that in 2023, mental health will continue to be a major focus for the workforce, so provide benefits that help employees to mentally refresh if they are feeling stressed.

Think about practicing mindfulness, a general self-awareness that helps employees stay focused. Examples of mindfulness tools for employees could include providing vouchers for the staff to attend yoga and meditation classes if they desire, allowing employees to take mental health days so they can refresh, and offering a quiet space where they can go to take a break if they are feeling drained.

Another idea is to provide your workers with health and wellness stipends, a sum of money or a gift card that an employee can use to pay for their health and financial wellness needs. Give these out every year and allow your teams to use them as they desire. Your teams will appreciate that their management wants to help them afford the necessary resources.

Finally, consider providing wellness kits for employees. These are premade gift boxes filled with custom-branded items, fitness or wellness swag,  and fun treats that they can use to live a healthier lifestyle day after day. Examples could include a box of skincare items, a tea set, healthy snacks, or anything in between. Again, this gesture will mean the world to your staff and prove to them that management cares about them as people.



Starting Health and Wellness Initiatives at Your Business

Now that you know what your employees will be looking for in the new year, it is time to start considering your own benefits and plans for 2023. You may wonder how to begin a health and wellness initiative at work. As a start, set up a group of people who will work as a committee to bring these initiatives to life.

Then, perform a needs assessment to determine the demographics of your staff, the potential health risks, and any relevant statistics, including absentee rates and current productivity. Then, develop a plan and present your initiative. If your employees are initially hesitant, consider offering an incentive to join.

It should be said that general employees may also take it upon themselves to start a wellness initiative. If so, they can follow many of the same steps. However, employees should also consider talking to a senior manager that can work alongside them and provide insight and actionable steps that will catch the attention of executive management.

As you can see, employee health and wellness will continue to evolve into 2023 and beyond. Consider this information, and make the best decisions for your growing business.


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