Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams

08.17.2022 | Product Ideas, Welcome, Promotional Products, Author: Shannon Brennan

Let's face it: none of us are sure what the ideal work environment actually looks like.

The internet is chock-full of contradicting information about the topic. For every article that touts the psychological benefits and flexibility of working from home, there are two more warning about the interpersonal and developmental opportunities sacrificed by remote workers. Recently, author and long-time work-from-anywhere (but the office) proponent Malcolm Gladwell, criticized employers who can't convince their teams to return to the office. A surprising perspective shift? Maybe, but Gladwell's criticism raises a good point: employees (most people, honestly) want to feel like they belong.

While a physical workspace might serve the purpose of getting your crew in the same room, unifying a team and helping them connect organically is ultimately the responsibility of organizational leadership. 

Team unity doesn't just happen overnight - great people leaders work extensively with HR and Culture teams to foster an environment of trust and inclusivity. And while it's safe to say that the debate over where work should take place isn't going to be settled anytime soon, there are a few sure-fire steps that companies can take to help their employees work better, together (even if they aren't in the same place)!

Read along to learn some of our favorite team-building practices and discover new custom product ideas for your folks who meet regularly in the office!

Teambuilding Tactics We Love

group of three people chatting casually

1. get social

Whether you opt for Slack or Teams to connect multiple offices, or you're a small enough group to still gather at the water cooler, creating space for non-work conversation is a surefire way to help your team connect. Some offices create designated conversation spaces, while others set aside a weekly social hour to help encourage casual conversation that doesn't necessarily center around work. 

Encouraging camaraderie is also a great way to help new employees feel more at home, Whether your new hires join their teams in classes, or foks are folded in one by one, having a familiar face to bounce questions off of or grab lunch makes it easier to acclimate to a new environment. We love the idea of pairing newbies up with onboarding buddies for this purpose!

Why social opportunities matter: Getting social encourages your entire team to get together and share what matters to them in a relaxed setting where typical hierarchies don't apply. For new hires, casual opportunities to connect enable them to meet team members that they might not work with directly. 


People using signs to symbolize everyone's voice


2. Encourage everyone's voice

Have you ever had a thought on the tip of your tongue, but never found the right time to share it? Or tried to speak up, but were overruled? Great ideas can come from anywhere, and anyone, but it's all too easy for scenarios like these to play out in a group setting. 

If you're always talking, your team can't weigh in. To ensure that everyone has a chance to speak, keep meetings focused and on point. If there are multiple talking points on the agenda, be sure to pause and ask for feedback or questions before moving on.

Not everyone likes to contribute publicly. For every vocal team member, you're likely to have two more that prefer to share their thoughts privately. Your team is much more likely to share their feedback when they feel comfortable, so why not honor different communication styles? This can be as simple as offering multiple ways to contribute feedback, like a project-relevant slack channel, or simply offering time to discuss certain topics 1:1. 

Why does encouraging everyone's voice matter? As the unparalleled Moira Rose proclaimed, "When one of us shines, we all shine".


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Team Celebration


3. Celebrate small wins

This one should be easy--after all, your employees have a lot to be proud of. Launching special projects, keeping their cool while taking care of customers, celebrating a birthday, National Donut Day...the list is endless. The bottom line is that there's always a reason to recognize your team members. And doing so doesn't have to be time or labor-intensive! Encourage your team to share in each others' accomplishments or give praise by dedicating a Slack channel where any employee can recognize another. Feeling a little more traditional? Why not hold nominations for Employee of the Week and award small prizes?

Why celebrate? Why not? But seriously - recognizing another employee's good work or special occasion helps them feel seen, which can increase feelings of belonging and connection. No one wins alone -- the best teams win, and celebrate, together. 

Custom Swag Box animation


4. Gift Custom Company Swag

You may have guessed that custom company swag would end up on our list. Yes, we're biased😏, but to be fair, we've been building custom swag programs for companies of all sizes for over 27 years! We've learned a lot, and created so many amazing custom products, including corporate swag.

One of our biggest takeaways? Personalization matters. It helps people feel included, connected, and part of the team. Gifting thoughtful, branded custom products can help communicate to your employees that they're important and that they belong.  

Swag is the ultimate teambuilding win -- but only if it's gifted authentically, as part of a holistic culture initiative. If you just slap your logo on a few cheap items and hand them out to your crew, you're likely to miss the mark. Our advice? Find opportunities to use swag to elevate other teambuilding initiatives! Custom company swag is a great way to recognize wins of every size, celebrate milestones, or announce employee anniversaries. You could even coordinate games for your next social hour and award swag gifts to the winning players!


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To cap off this post, we're diving into the company swag items that in-person teams reach for and use, time after time. Scroll along for branded swag ideas to help elevate your team's workspace!


Custom Tee Shirt


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Custom Tee 2


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Custom Tee


Soft, cozy, and begging for your branding, a custom tee shirt is the ultimate corporate swag MVP! With a literal rainbow of colors to choose from and styles to fit every member of your team,  custom tees make it easy for your team to represent, in and out of the office. 


➡️ More custom promo MVPs, this way!

Water Bottle with Logo

Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Grom Bottle


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Camelbak bottle


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Welly Bottle



Encourage your team to stretch their legs (and hydrate sustainably!) with custom branded water bottles. There's no better time to skirt around Stranger Things spoilers or break down the latest installment of Bridgerton than during a quick refill break. Make sure your team's equipped with a premium custom water bottle from Stran!


Travel Mug

Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Insulated Tumbler


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Insulated Mug 2


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Artic Zone Mug


Mornings are for coffee and contemplation --and they also provide the perfect opportunity for impromptu conversation! Premium insulated tumblers with your branding make an awesome recognition or welcome gift. Just be sure to stock your coffee area with extra supplies so your recipients have plenty of reasons to grab a second cup! 

➡️ More reusable and sustainable product ideas!


Custom Dad Cap

Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Dad Cap 2


If custom tee shirts are a corporate swag MVP, then the ever-popular dad cap is a close second! It's hard to match the vintage, broken-in feel of good ball cap, and they're an ideal way to amplify your brand! Our team loves wearing theirs for virtual calls, but they're just as convenient for showing your team spirit while out and about -- and make a great swag gift for corporate events. 


Backpack with Logo

Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Laptop Backpack


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Parkland Backpack


Keep your team organized during their commute with a custom backpack. Whether you're shopping for a sleek and street-ready pack or want to supply your road warriors with a sturdy, anti-theft laptop bag, a custom branded, premium backpack is the perfect way to welcome a new team member or celebrate a team win!


Custom Branded Pens

Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Custom Pens

Every office has a secret hiding spot where all of the lost pens hang out. Until we discover it, we've got you covered with an array of high-quality pens just waiting for your logo. Pens are a super-popular, useful swag item that's always appreciated. Why not leave a set on each team members desk? Better yet, write them a quick note of appreciation, and attach the pen - every time they use it, they'll remember you!



Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Bluetooth Speaker


Custom Product Ideas for In-Person Teams - Wireless Charger Small


It's no secret that we love tech swag. From portable Bluetooth speakers to a handy wireless charger and stand, branded tech swag elevates your office space and provides plenty of opportunities for your team to rep their brand outside of the office. Custom tech swag is a thoughtful way to announce a launch, celebrate a successful quarter, or simply recognize your team for a job well done!



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